Le Tour De Longboard 2023 Virtual Race Series

Le Tour De Longboard 2023 Virtual Race Series

It's back for another season! This year will be bigger, more competitive and more fun. Get ready to roll June 1st.

What is Le Tour De Longboard?

Le Tour De Longboard is a multi-staged, self-timed race where skaters of all kinds, all over the world are invited to parcipate.

Using self-timing via GPS apps we're able to create a competitive environment where people can participate no matter where they are in the world. At the end of each stage, partcipants who complete the mission get a chance to win great prizes from our brand partners.


How Do I Participate?

Complete the stages and submit your results before the cut off times.

1- Set your GPS app to record Km. Race as fast as you can for the distance designated for each stage. This must be completed in a continuous skate without stopping or pauses in your recording. You may use a rolling start for virtual racing. (in motion when you start the GPS app.)

2- Must pick a course that comes back to the starting point. Looped or out and back style to eliminate any advantages of elevation or wind.

3- Must be recorded on a GPS device that shows a map of your course, distance completed and total elapsed time. This will be your race result. i.e. Stava, Garmin.

4- Each stage may have additional rules and submission guidelines.

5- Must make the GPS record public on your app and share the URL of that recorded race to IDSA officials on the submission page.

6- Must have a current SkateIDSA Membership and login to participate.


Submissions must be through the IDSA member's portal.

Rides must be completed during the designated dates for the stage. Stage 4 has longer date range to ensure people have time to plan a long ride.

You can only make one submission for each stage.

No Cheating - Seriously, we're reviewing each submission looking for anything out of the ordinary. This is grounds for immediate disqualification.

Helmets - You're "racing." Put a lid on. In general, please be safe and follow the rules of the road while pursuing your fastest times.


What Are The Categories?


Longboard Push/Pump-Open
Longboard Push/Pump-Women
Longboard Push/Pump-Clydesdales
Street Stand Up Paddle-Open
Longboard Paddle/Push
Other (Quads and "things")

13 and under

What happens if I have questions or issues?

If you have a question regarding anything regarding The IDSA's virtual challenges or races. Please email reviewteam@theidsa.org for your request to be answered quickly. DO NOT EMAIL INDIVIDUAL BOARDMEMBERS PAST OR PRESENT REGARDING IDSA VIRTUAL SERIES.

Can you provide me more info about what GPS trackers I can use and how to properly submit?

Yes, thank you for asking. We would love it if everyone would read our quick guide to submitting to IDSA challenges and races here. Also, watch this helpful video below from last season.

What kind of routes are acceptible virtual race submissions?

For virtual races, all routes must either be a "closed loop" or "out-and-back". This way no riders can gain an advantage with wind or downhill sections. All submisions will be checked for compliance. We understand it's difficult to find perfect loops sometimes and there tolerance range announced for each segment.

What's the deal with the prize pool?
The prize pool is a collection of completes, decks, wheels, bushings, griptape, and tshirts from our brand partners. After each stage, we will announce winners, you only have to successfully complete the stage to qualify. Performance does not affect your chances on winning prizes. 
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