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Thirsting for surf on land? Surfers rejoice; the Hamboards has rebirthed the sport. Through superior engineering, each perfectly designed street surfboard recreates the sensation of surfing real waves – but on the pavement. 


Dedicated to the growth of board sports through performance, community, and creative expression.


G|Bomb long distance skateboards are deck and bracket systems that provide several advantages over traditional single piece decks for long distance longboarding. 


We chose the name “Seismic” because we’re committed to continually shaking up the status quo with products that are multiple generations ahead of the pack. We’re usually wrestling with designs so advanced that they’re challenging or even impossible to manufacture without new materials or factory processes.

Rocket Longboards

ROCKET Longboards are made in our own workshop in the heart of the Swiss Alps. What once started as a one-man company now consists of four people. But every single board is still handcrafted by us from start to finish.

Boa Wheels

Since 2016 we’ve been making the highest quality longboard wheels. Our Hemotox™ formula has been tried and tested by more than 10,000 riders worldwide. Our formulations use the highest quality raw materials from Japan, Germany, and the USA.


We design and create high end, high purpose longboard products. Our intention is always to pack attentive design into purpose-built skateboards. Intention and Attention! We want to blow your mind with the ultimate ride experience, tending to every aspect of the skateboard as artistic expression.


Our ENDURANCE boards are for ANYONE who wants to learn to use a skate pole. They have huge wheels and incredibly versatile trucks. The rider can quickly progress from beginner to long distance endurance competition, without ever having to change gear. Learning to pump is super easy on these boards.


At ThaneLife, we work hard to make sure the products we sell are tested to fit our philosophy of quality products at reasonable prices.


Waterborne Skateboards makes surf style skateboards and accessories for skaters and surfers. Most notably Waterborne makes the Surf and Rail Adapters which universally mount to any existing skateboard to make it cruise, carve, and rip just like a surfboard on water!

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