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2019 Leaderboard

USA Open USA Women Europe Open Europe Women Asia Open Asia Women

Miguel Angel Aldrete

1. Miguel Angel Aldrete

Calleigh Little

1. Calleigh Little

David Pabian

1. David Pabian

Laura Deinhardt

1. Laura Deinhardt

Kaspar Heinrici

1. Kaspar Heinrici

Shen Chen

1. Shen CHEN

2. Ian Whyte

2. Hope Jackson

2. Jonathan Koning

2. Lena Meringdal

2. Yingjian LIU

2. LingLing

3. Rick Stubblefield

3. Nicole Levesque

3. Stefan Gransow

3. Niekohle Tzanakis

3. Haoze LI

3. Mengying WANG


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