Get Involved With May Challenge Part Deux!

Get Involved With May Challenge Part Deux!

Here we go again. The skate season will be here before you know it and the May Challenge is back to get everyone warmed up. New for 2024: 1000km “black diamond” level and weekly photo missions. Get your quiver ready!

Last year, we had 116 people skate over 29,000 kilometers. These riders are commemorated on "The Wall." In 2024, we expect to see bigger numbers, more countries, more stoke. Anyone can get involved.

What is it? 

The challenge: Simply complete 100 or 200 or 400 or 1000 kilometers of skating in May. This challenge will not be timed so we encourage you to stop and smell the roses and even explore new routes. Take the road less traveled. 

When Is It?

The event starts May 1st and runs until May 31th at 11:59PM EST. No rides logged before or after will count towards your cumulative distance for the month.

How to participate?

  1. Go skateboarding in the month of May.
  2. Use your smartwatch or GPS app to record your rides.
  3. Login into the “May Warm Up Challenge” portal using your IDSA membership login
  4. Make sure your GPS records are “public” and share the URL from your rides and share your profile information in the submission form. Here's how to do it on Garmin.
  5. Please wait until all your rides are completed and ready for review before you submit. DO NOT SUBMIT RIDES INDIVIDUALLY
  6. Rename your title to include #MWC
  7. Your submissions must be entered by May 31th, 2023 at 11:59pm
  8. Remember to tag @TheIDSA on social media while you’re out and about!




How Can Help SkateIDSA?

  1. Host a "warm up" themed group ride in your area to help celebrate our second year. Here's an example.
  2. Encourage people to take on this new and unique challenge 


How To Find Your Strava Profile Link


On mobile, click share and text or email link to yourself.


New Weekly Photo Missions


Take part in weekly themed photo missions. The top 9 photos from each week will be reposted in our recap album. Simply add media to your strava rides, tag us on social media, we'll be looking for the best shots to repost daily.

  • Week 1 Gear
  • Week 2 Nature
  • Week 3 City
  • Week 4 People


What do I get for completing the challenge?

All finishers will have their names memorialized on a digital trophy page hosted on SkatIDSA’s page from now until eternity. We’ll also have some extra fun bonuses along the way. Our trophy shirts will be back for 2024 with new designs. Click here for last year's "Wall."


The Levels

Silver - Are you new to distance skateboarding and looking for a challenge? The 100km level is approachable for everyone looking to get started. 

Gold - You’ve probably been itching to skate all winter and now you’re ready to shake off the cobwebs and start clocking some long rides again. The 200km level is perfect for those looking to get back out there.

Platinum - You were probably going to do a couple hundred for the month anyways. Here’s the extra motivation you needed to double down and push yourself further in May.

Black Diamond 1000km - New for 2024 this is the for the most hardcore skaters out there.

Choose your own journey.


Join Our Group On Strava

While the features are somewhat limited, Strava is the best solution for a simple leaderboard and checking out other's stats. Join our group and your "skateboarding" rides will automatically get logged within the group's stats.

Why is this for members only?

As an organization, we put lots of time and resources into planning and executing our virtual events. Participants have the opportunity to compete against riders around the world for ranking and win prizes of significant value. Therefore we restrict these events to “members only.” Click here to become a member. 

How do I become a member?

Basic memberships are available for $10. Feel like contributing more? Explore our other levels of membership that include sweet IDSA gifts. If you are a student or for any reason have difficulty paying dues, contact us and we’ll work with you.


What happens if I have questions or issues?

If you have a question regarding anything regarding The IDSA's virtual challenges or races. Please email for your request to be answered quickly. 


What’s Next?

In June, Le Tour De Longboard will be back for yet another edition. We have taken in lots of feedback from 2022 and 2023. We hope to introduce some new elements this year to help improve the experience for everyone. This year's LTDL will be a collaboration between Scott Zee and Adam Ornelles with some additional review support from Andras. More on that in the next few weeks. We will end the season with another improved Team Challenge experience. 

 The May "Warm Up Challenge" portal will open May 1st but please save your submissions until the end, only one submission will be reviewed. We're looking forward to spreading the stoke with all this season no matter where you are in the world. 

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