Ridiculous To Useful: Here's A Bunch Of Silly Skate Accessories We Found On Temu

Ridiculous To Useful: Here's A Bunch Of Silly Skate Accessories We Found On Temu

Temu - a new shopping website that some people have been raving about. In need of a zipper pull restock for our hydration packs, we decided to check it out. It looks like a bootleg Amazon and that's exactly what it is. Within seconds we found our zipper pulls for only $0.57! Then, we needed to hit a $10 minimun, so we went down the rabbit hole and created what could be the best/worst product round up in the history of the internet.

Disclaimer: If you're going to buy any actual skate hardware, please go to a local skateshop, support a skateshop online (we like Thanelife & Insanity) or buy directly from our brand partners. DO NOT CUT CORNERS HERE. That said, there are plenty of other inexpensive skate-accessories (dare we say cheap) you could buy yourself at the digital flea market that is Temu. *We haven't tested any or recommend of this stuff. This list is more or less for entertainment.



Heart Rate Monitor - $17.58

Apparently compatable with all the major tracking platforms i.e. Garmin, Stava. Cheap, definitely. Accurate, maybe? Someone test it out and let us know.


Bone Induction Headphones - $14.86

Some people love these. Your chief editor does not. Try them for a fraction of the cost of the expensive ones. 




Board Carrying Strap - $8.01

Turn your board into the most uncomfortable backpack ever so you can keep your hands free to pick your nose or your battles. Or, strap in to roll down a hill on your back without falling off. (please do not actually try to attempt)

Luggage Scale - $4.17

Not just for luggage, these are perfect for weighing your setups.



Zero Drop Running Shoes - $11.87

In a sport where you tend to wear out a ton of shoes. How bad can these be?

Barefoot-ish Shoes - $13.87

Vibram-ish on a budget.

mens barefoot watershoes quick drying breathable non slip aqua sport shoes for summer outdoor beach hiking swimming pool yoga fishing 1

Skateshoes - $24.27

What brand is this? Who cares, they're cool. 

mens casual sneakers trendy comfy walking skate shoes spring and summer 2


Helmet Bling

Helmet Propeller - $0.68

helmet decoration accessories small accessories for electric scooter with removable hard hat bamboo dragonfly tide 0

Rear View Mirror - $5.38

Helmet Horns - $2.18


Hi Viz

Hi Viz Safety Belt - $6.74

"Oh well, the safety dance / Ah yes, the safety dance"

2pcs high visibility reflective safety vests lightweight adjustable hi vis jogging walking cycling construction workers motorcycles mens womens running gear 0

Hi Viz Reflective Neck Protector - $2.69

Cheapy Bike Lights - $0.99



Ankle Compression Brace -$2.69

Paid $30 for something similar at a pharmacy after an injury. 

1pc ankle support compression strap achilles tendon brace foot sprain injury wrap ankle brace support strap sports accessories 0

Foot and ankle ice pack - $11.78

Stop using frozen peas.

foot ankle ice gel pack for follow and sole hot cold therapy reusable pad and adjustable heel ice wrap perfect for plantar fasciitis achilles tendonitis sprains swollen foot and muscle pain relief 0

Bandages - $0.99

When you're in the pharmacy bleeding, these cost 10X and if you get blood on the bedsheets again your significant other might leave you.


Cones - $2.58

They're definitely not designed for skating, but you could setup a slalom course for less than 3 bucks.

10pcs windproof roller skating pile multicolor roadblock training cones foot mark childrens skates obstacle corner mark 0

Hydration Pack Hose Clippy Things - $1.78

Collapsable Water Bottle - $2.98

foldable soft water bottle water bag for outdoor cycling hiking backpacking 0

Griptape Eraser - $2.48

skateboard sandpaper eraser for skateboard longboard dance board sandpaper cleaning skateboard sandpaper cleaning accessories 0

Skateboard Wall Mount - $5.48

Finger Board Sneakers & Outfit - $9.48

mini finger scooter toys finger shoes scooter finger suit set knee pads barricades creative fingertip desktop decompression toys 0

Awl For Punching Holes IN Grip Tape - $0.97

Also good for fending off zombies.

1pc wooden handle sewing awl pin punching hole maker stitching awl kit awl round solid tool for diy leather craft 0


Sun/Ice Protection

Cycling Glasses - $4.18

Because you're going to lose or break them anyways.

scvcn outdoor cycling sunglasses mtb uv400 sports glasses for driving fishing golf beach baseball 0

Cooling Helmet Liners - $3.48

2pcs cooling dome skull cap sweat wicking helmet liner sport motorcycle cycling beanie durag hat 0

Unisex Cooling Arm Sleeves - $1.88

unisex cooling arm sleeves bandana combo with uv protection quick dry for cycling cricket skating biking etc 0

Sun Protection Neck Curtain - $3.28

1pc summer sun protection hat curtain uv protection neck protection sun hat yarn 0

Reflective Ice Mask - $4.48

1pc summer outdoor camping fitness exercise sunscreen neck cover breathable ice silk riding mask 0

Sun Visor - $4.28

Always save the best for last.

candy color adjustable visor hat wide brim foldable pvc sun hat uv protection hiking cycling sun hats 0

If you buy any of this shit, kindly let us know how it is :)

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