Get To Know PUSHA - Italy's Long Distance & Skateboard Pump Race

Get To Know PUSHA - Italy's Long Distance & Skateboard Pump Race

Italy is best known for it's cusine, fashion and fast cars. However, it's actually home to a small yet passionate group of distance skaters and event going on it's sixth year, PUSHA marathon. We asked organizer Andrea Coppoluto a few questions as he prepares for his event on May 27 2023. 

Not all our members know you, so can you just give a quick little bio with where you live and do outside of skateboarding.

Hello, i live in Milan (Italy) and i am a Biomedical Laboratory Technician and a dj.


Andrea (left) congratulating a fellow rider in 2022.

Give us the general low down on PUSHA Marathon - what’s the track like? Closest airport, Format? Date, etc for people to plan in the future.

Pusha! marathon takes place in Corso Europa Cycling Track in Piacenza, a 837m smooth asphalt circuit with an inner Velodrome with a parabolic inclined course. The track is just 3,5 kms far from Piacenza Railway Station and very close to Piacenza Tangenziale Sud. Linate Airport and Parma Airport are 50 min far from the circuit. Pusha! marathon is always planned for middle-late May. 

The event features a 42km Marathon Race the first day and a unique "pump' race the second.

Has anyone from the US or Asia competed in PUSHA?

Unfortunately not.

PUSHA competitors in 2022


Tell us about how you started this event and how it’s grown over the last 4 years?

I started to organize this event in 2017, for the first edition of Pusha! in Piacenza (before the race was planned by my friend "Airone", one of the first LDPer in Italy. We managed to gather 20/25 riders for each edition, always focusing on improving services for riders and adding charity fundraising.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to someone thinking about starting a skate race?

Do it even if you don't feel prepared for a real race; you will meet beautiful people and became more and more aware of your riders skills

Who are some of your competitors at PUSHA? Any memorable performances or moments in the past 4 years you’d like share?

 During these years Pusha! riders list presented many "big names" from 300miles club, like Peppel, Pronk, Langen, Bekker, Koning and Scolfaro but we hosted also "sacred monsters" like El Marzo and Bangnoi.

In 2017 i remember a big crash between Pronk and Langen, with ambulance rescue for the first one: after recovering in half hour Rick skated as fast as possible and almost closed the gap to the first positions!


A rainy PUSHA start in 2019.

You are from Italy. Tell us about skating in Italy, what’s the scene like? Where’s the good pavement? Good routes for distance skates?

Unfortunately Italy is not famous for cycling paths and good asphalt to skate so if you want to find a nice spot maybe you will have to move some kms away. We have some nice paths following the Navigli water channel near Milan, and this is the place where I prefer skating. Whe have other routes in Italy but first of all you must check the condition of the concrete.

Bonus Question: What was the most memorable skate session you’ve ever had?

My most memorable skating session was the Dutch Ultraskate 2019, when i entered the 250 miles club (the 300 one is still on target heheh)

PUSHA Action from FB.

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Learn more about PUSHA on their website here. Or visit their Facebook or Instagram pages.


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