Brazil's First LDP Race Kicks Off In São Paulo

Brazil's First LDP Race Kicks Off In São Paulo

On 11/05/2022, a Long Distance Skateboarding Race took place in the city of São Paulo (Brazil) at the 15th Virada Esportiva. It was organized by LDS São Paulo and carried out by the Municipal Secretariat of Sports and Leisure from the city of São Paulo. Not only was it the first race in the city, it was the first LDP 1st official LDP event in the country.

The event took place on the cycle path of the Center for Extreme Sports (São
Paulo), in the following categories/distances (male and female) 1.6 km (Junior Race), 5 km, 10 km and 21 km. The event had the support of skate brands that offered an array of prizes for first place finishers.

Big Congrats to all the winners. 

"The skating community from LDS São Paulo intends to keep the event on the annual calendar of Virada Esportiva in the city of São Paulo. We hope it gets larger every year and we invite our friends around the world to come join us and experience our event next year." - Julio Eduardo Perira de Souza, Event Organizer

The event was also supported by The IDSA. To see photos and the final results from the race, check out the event's Official page.


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