12 Impressive 2024 Miami Ultraskate Performances

12 Impressive 2024 Miami Ultraskate Performances

My 5th Ultraskate as a participant. This year, skating was the easy part.

I will do my best to call out some of the most impressive, interesting, and intriguing performances. I’ll preface by saying I am not a professional sports commentator. I’m just a guy that happened to be out there for 19 hours or so. Here we go.


12 Impressive Ultraskate Performances 

  1. Ryan Porter - After taking a several year hiatus from Ultraskate, Ryan Porter took on a new division and modestly paddled his way to number 1 on the SSUP podium. A very impressive performance and just one lap shy of the 4 person team that won in the SSUP division. Good to have you back! 200 miles.
  2. Cori Wolff - Following her Ultraskate debut last year, Cori Wolff found herself jumping up to 3rd overall / 1st in the female category in 2024 after pushing a new personal best of 246.7 miles. Just a few laps shy of the course record. Maybe next year??
  3. Jeremiah Pascua - After Jeremiah took care of this year’s group photo needs, (thanks homie) he got down to breaking a world record in the Push/Paddle division. Completing 251.1 Miles, he was able to fend off Andrew Andras in one of the day’s more heated match ups.
  4. Groenenboom Sisters - There’s a new world record 14-18 female category and it’s only fitting it’s held by the spawn of Gbomb. Ana and Audrey skated together in solidarity the entire time. 157.6 miles.
  5. Adam Ornelles - The only skateboarder to break 300 miles, it was clear most of the day that Adam would be the man to beat for 1st overall. Not only did he do 302 miles, he actually seemed to be enjoying himself as he constantly lapped us while cracking jokes.
  6. Landy Cook - Not only did Landy get 3rd in the Push/Paddle category, he probably did it with the most style of anyone on the track. Watching him effortlessly jump between switch positions and handle his paddle like a ninja was a sight to behold. 236 miles.
  7. Ian Whyte - This guy is in his 60s and constantly ranks in the top 10 overall amongst competitors half his age. This year he managed 7th place with 217 (fall-free) miles. A jaw-dropping 1460 total miles at Miami Ultraskate over the years.
  8. Eduardo Machado - Well into the night, Eduardo kept an impressive pace that landed him 3rd in the open category. 230 miles and a well-earned Ultraskate PR for him.
  9. Marty Evans - The big guy hit his 100 mile goal! It’s been a pleasure watching him crush longer distances and kingpins over the last two years. 100.7 Miles.
  10. Jhanaiya Smith Butler - Taking home 2nd in the female category with 201.4 miles, Jhanaiya added 30+ miles from her result from last year and earned the honor of joining the 200 club. Congrats.
  11. Stefan Gransow - Back for his 5th race, he always goes hard. This year was no exception as he took the Cylesdale top spot in the skateboard push category with 219 miles. 1042 total Miami Ultraskate miles.
  12. Kathi Kampen - Competing in the 50-59 female quad category Kathi set a new course record at 187.6 miles. 200 next year?

All results can be viewed here.

There are so many options to present the results, it's a little hard to incorporate them into one post. You can view the official results in several ways:

Overall Results

Division Results

Age Group Results

Mileage Clubs


Now On To Some Clarifications:

Next year, we’ll try to be faster on the recap. Now the fun part is over, a couple of clarifications feel necessary after receiving some feedback from within the community.

  1. SkateIDSA’s rules are suggested guidance for event creators to follow in order to receive sanctioning and eligibility for standardized scorekeeping within our records. It’s ultimately up to the event creator to use whatever rules they wish.
  2. In attempts to be more inclusive, Ultraskate Miami has chosen to have an “Open” category instead of the traditional “Male” and “Female” categories seen in many competitions. The “Open” category is chosen within the options at registration. Only riders in the “Open” category are eligible for those podiums.
  3. It's acknowledged that “Open” can be easily connotated with “Overall.” These are in fact, separate designations. Forthcoming rule guidance will address this issue and make sure registration options are clear. Miami Ultraskate does not give awards to the “Overall” podium, only “Open” and “Female.”
  4. Adding further confusion, some podiums were miscalled by the Miami Ultraskate Team. Any retractions were corrections done in accordance with the rules.
  5. After unprecedented circumstances brought certain matters to light, measures are currently being taken to review how results are formatted to promote inclusiveness, fairness, and competitiveness in the future. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing more time is needed to reach any formal decisions.

Words by Scott Zee

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