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10 The Distance Episode

March 19th, 2021|

The LDPcast is back for a 10th episode with one of the coolest skaters we know, our good friend Mark Groenenboom. Mark is the mind behind the only 100% dedicated US distance longboard company that we are aware of, G|bomb! After a brief hiatus we are back with is the first episode of the second season and we are stoked. Thanks for listening! GBomb: Website: www.gbomblongboards.com Facebook: GBombBrackets YouTube: GbombLongboards Loaded Action Sports Company Annual Budget Template Push - The Film: YouTube Do you want to talk without us? Send us an e-mail: [email protected] Fallow us on Instagram: Instagram.com/ldpcast Website: www.ldpcast.com This podcast was created by Miles Kipper and Eduardo Machado, all rights reserved. Edited by Duh Machado

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Meet the Crew

Miles Kipper
Miles Kipper
Minneapolis based skater, Clydesdale division champion, story teller and worth his weight in gold.
Duh Machado
Duh Machado
A drummer born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, residing in USA. SkateIDSA 2019 champion in the 30-39 category. He doesn’t do anything he doesn’t like, but he loves everything he does.

Happy birthday to our host, one of the best humans in this planet. ...

58 1

Cover game info and winners for individuals! Raffle and teams will happen Tuesday the 26th at 6pm cst ...

81 11

So this is for sure the best butt boarding we have ever seen. This submission is fir the @loadedboards “dig your grave” challenge. Dang! Please tag this rider and thanks for playing our game. @stine.sweet.16 @niekohletzanakis #longboardgoosechase ...

87 4

Believe it or not this team has completed every one of the 117 challenges we’ve issued which we frankly never expected would happen. For the champions quest challenge issued by Uber skater @one_salty_slugg they brought us this dope mobile set up. Creativity, team work and trust 🛹🔥🤘🏽. @mervymerv_ @adventuredevon_ @moon__salt ...

78 5

The @skatebloodorange challenge “circus act” is just to juggle some wheels but @johannes_albertson just had to show off and earn some bonus points. Well done! #longboardgoosechase ...

69 3

How much fun is this submission from @skatencats for the “My Final Form” missions for @longboardgirlscrew. We really like the simplicity and whimsy of this shot thank you for playing ...

68 3

It’s ALIVE! We present you this “Frankenboard” as stitched together by @niekohletzanakis for this @gbomb_longboards challenge. Can you imagine riding this monster? #longboardgoosechase ...

74 3

Now this challenge from @longboardenvy is HOT. The goal, eat a habanero while longboarding and team Rollbrettfreunde nailed it. We didn’t do the edits here either #longboardgoosechase ...

67 4

This killer prize package courtesy of @paristruckco @faceplantboardriders @dblongboards and @gbomb_longboards is going to the team who made the 5,000th submission for our #longboardgoosechase. Congratulations to @rollbrettmonkeys for taking this one home. ...

70 4

Now THIS is a puddle! Thanks @abe.ahn for this submission I’ll send some new bearings your way. @moonshinemfg #longboardgoosechase ...

66 11

If you’re feeling at all anxious about this new year please enjoy this picture of @melonenkacke adorable dog on a longboard. This is exactly what we need more of in 2021, dogs and skateboards. #longboardgoosechase #dogsofinstagram ...

70 1

This is a bit scary to even contemplate for your humble hosts. Thanks @sergejschwarzkopf for nailing this @arborskateboards challenge “the upside down” ...

48 2

@elijah_mpls out skating for some “low gains” on really questionable terrain. @loadedboards #longboardgoosechase ...

93 9

This challenge was always going to happen. Who doesn’t want to “teach an animal to skate”? Thanks @orangatangwheels for this most adorable of all challenges and thanks BigBushBois for the submission. #longboardgoosechase #longboarding ...

47 2

Merry Christmas from your hosts and our entire Skate team. You all have made this year pretty special even through all the crazy and we’re thankful for you. ...

92 3