You can still race during the pandemic!

Social Distancing Skateboard Race
The Rules
  1. You can try and race the distance as many times as you like but only one race submission will be placed and accepted.
  2. It will be a solo skate performance, no group rides, no drafting. It’s a Social Distancing Skateboard race.
  3. You will have to race an out and back course. We want you to start and finish in the same location. A looped course will also be accepted as long as the start and finish are also close to each other.
  4. You will need to track your performance with a GPS device. Whatever you use (Endomondo, Garmin, Strava) is fine as long as you can take screenshots of all the proper race analysis for confirmation.
Overall this is for fun and health, please be honest with your submissions. Have fun, do your best, and make it a continuous, unpaused effort. Experts in distance skateboarding can and will recognize cheating, and you will be removed from participating if caught.
All submissions will be sent using the form below – You will receive a reply with UNDER REVIEW and give an APPROVED/DISAPPROVED or MORE INFORMATION NEEDED.
Let the racing begin!!!!

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Your GPS Image Submission MUST Include:

Map and Distance:

Make sure to stop the clock at the proper distance. You will be given the time on the GPS regardless of the distance.

Total Time/Elapsed Time:

Only Garmin GPS watches, STRAVA apps have this feature.
Endomondo doesn’t.

Virtual Race Repeats!

Did you miss your chance to take partake in previous virtual races this year?
Do you want to try another discipline like Paddle or Quad skating?
You can make them up now till the end of the year if you can find the time.
This is only for riders who have not posted a time in prior races.
No repeats of race times if you have posted already.
***No 24 hour 100 challenge***

Virtual events that you can participate in:
April – 10km
May – 1km
May – 1 Mile
June – 100 Mile in a month
July – 25km
Misfits – 42km
Le 20 Bornes – 20km

If you would like to make our voice head for STRAVA to include Skateboarding/Longboarding into their activities,
join us in sending them an email!
Maybe they will take notice if we make enough noise!
[email protected]

Rules of the Race

  • Your course will be an out and back or looped course unless otherwise noted.
  • Must submit map of course, distance and total elapsed race time, not total moving time
  • Make sure the “Auto Pause” feature is turned off
  • Endomondo submissions will not be accepted, Strava is recommended

Please do not repeat submissions you have already completed or submit more than once. You will be manually approved or denied based on your file uploads.


We apologize to those riders in countries or cities that can not leave their place of quarantine for a skate/exercise time. SkateIDSA governing body is in no way condoning the breaking any laws or rules of your municipality.  Coming out of this pandemic healthy and ready to race in the future is the first priority.

The Social Distance Skateboard Race is now CLOSED for submissions!