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SkateIDSA Presents: Push


Saturday, January 18 at Regal South Beach Cinema on Lincoln Road.

View in full feature-length the premiere to the ultimate guide and history of the world’s longest, toughest, 24-hour distance skateboarding event. Featuring appearances from Ultraskate titans in all their glory: Andy ‘La Maquina’ Andras, Eric ‘Danger’ Palmer, Joner Strauss, Calleigh Little, James Peters, Rick Pronk, Harrison Tucker, and more!

Sold By: Skate IDSA


Join us for the HUGE premiere on Saturday evening, after the 2020 Ultraskate event. Meet and greet Q&A with the athletes after the film, as well as the film’s director Todd Hedge! Doors open at 6 pm, tickets are limited. Ticket prices at door will rise to $15.