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SkateIDSA Manufacturer Membership

$300.00 / year

As a SkateIDSA Manufacturer, you get the opportunity to voice your opinion about the direction of the sport, as well as the benefits of Individual Memberships for your riders.

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Sold By: Skate IDSA


Become a fully pledged SkateIDSA manufacturer and take advantage of our exclusive introductory membership package for your sponsored riders, which includes a SkateIDSA T-Shirt. Receive yours at your next sanctioned event. Your business will be added to SkateIDSA board member discussions and be able to hold a voice within the group on certain topics.

With your manufacturer membership your riders will be able to participate and compete in SkateIDSA sanctioned events and benefit from the participant accident policy during filming and photo shoots or practice sessions. Track your records on our points scoring system and compete for the global #1 spot individually and with your teammates!

SkateIDSA members are additionally added to the exclusive Facebook secret group where race planning, pre-race meetups, tricks and tips, or general camaraderie take place among the SkateIDSA Family. Your business will gain an introductory post to the group, as well as your logo on the group’s cover image.

An added perk of being an official SkateIDSA manufacturer is featured ads across SkateIDSA’s home page! A special landing page will be created at to thank you for your dedication to our sport.

This membership is valid for all types of events: Long Distance, SBSX, Urban Downhill, and SSUP.

SkateIDSA is billed yearly.