Series Standings for this and past tours
Sprint Series Overall Results!!!

How to Finish the Tour!

There are six stages to the tour this year! While you need to complete every stage by their due date to win points for the overall competition, to be a finisher make sure you submit all your stage races by the end of the tour (November 27th) to qualify.

Winning the Overall

While the tour is all about finishing and challenging yourself…a little bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone! This year the overall winner is determined with a points system to make every event equal. The closer your time is to the winner, the more points to beat your friends! Here’s a link to calculate percent time if you’re wondering how many points you need!

Be Rewarded for Finishing!

Finishers of Le Tour De Longboard will be randomly selected to win products submitted from our generous event sponsors, pantheon longboards “high end longboards designed with intention” 88 Wheel Co. “Makers of next gen longboard wheels for comfort, durability, and slidability” Boa Wheels “Proprietary urethane wheels designed to handle the rigors of electric boards and pushing.” SUPSKATE makers of “the world’s most high-performance skate poles that allow you to vault your way along and stoke your flow.  Designed for beginners to world class endurance athletes, these sticks flex just right, are strong and crazy light.”