Last years virtual races gave us some great racing and a lot of fun competition.

The Le Tour de Longboard is a 3 part virtual race series.

  1. Sprint series, 3 short races for the speed demons
  2. Distance Series, 3 events for my long haul friends!
  3. Le Tour de Longboard “Virtual Victrix Ludorum” using the times from both the Sprint and Distance to crown the best well rounded riders.
The Rules
  • You can try and race the distance as many times as you like but only one race submission will be placed and accepted.
  • You will have to race an out and back course. We want you to start and finish in the same location. A looped course will also be accepted as long as the start and finish are also close to each other.
  • You will need to track your performance with a GPS device. Whichever app you prefer (Garmin, Strava, etc) is acceptable as long as you have of all the proper race analysis for confirmation; include the total recording time (elapsed time) and share the active record link.
  • This is a solo skate performance — no group rides, no drafting.
  • You need to be a SkateIDSA 2021 member to participate, in case you are not a member yet, check our membership page.
Overall this is for fun and health, please be honest with your submissions. Have fun, do your best, and make it a continuous, unpaused effort. Experts in distance skateboarding can and will recognize cheating, and you will be removed from participating if caught.
All submissions will be sent using the form below – You will receive a reply with UNDER REVIEW and give an APPROVED/DISAPPROVED or MORE INFORMATION NEEDED.
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Your GPS Image Submission MUST Include:

Share GPS active recorded:

After click to share, it will ask you to make it public and than you can copy the URL to add to the submission page.

Second Challenge – Sprint Series Race: 20min Race!

The 20 minute Lactic threshold test as it is more commonly called this a true test of muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. It’s where the 2 roads meet. We will work on increasing our lactic threshold this month and see how it improves our overall performance when we get into the longer races.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Set your GPS app to record Km. Race as fast as you can for 19:59 min, this should be your total elapsed time.  This will be completed in a continuous skate without stopping or pauses in your recording. You may use a rolling start for virtual racing. (in motion when you start the GPS app.)
  • Must pick a course that comes back to the starting point. Looped or out and back style to eliminate any advantages of elevation or wind.
  • Must be recorded on a GPS device that shows a map of your course and a total recorded  Kilometers completed. Round your result to the last full Kilometer completed. This will be your race result.
  • Must make the GPS record public so the URL of that recorded race to IDSA officials on the submission page.
  • Must have a current SkateIDSA Membership and login to participate.

Please, login first to submit your race details

Please do not repeat submissions you have already completed or submit more than once. You will be manually approved or denied based on your file uploads.


We apologize to those riders in countries or cities that can not leave their place of quarantine for a skate/exercise time. SkateIDSA governing body is in no way condoning the breaking any laws or rules of your municipality.  Coming out of this pandemic healthy and ready to race in the future is the first priority.