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The Skate International Distance and Supercross Association’s (SkateIDSA) mission is to promote skateboard racing & competition in all its forms (LDP/Distance, Garage, and Skateboard Supercross [SBSX]), we will grow participation by providing a consistent governing body and assistance to those with a shared interest in the sport.

It is our aim to grow global awareness of the sport by supporting skateboard racing conducted in a way that is exciting and safe for all participants.  We hope to spread acceptance of the sport throughout communities through assisting in the organization of legal (non-outlaw) sanctioned insured competitions.

SkateIDSA showcases skateboarding as part of a healthy and positive lifestyle that is appropriate for all ages and skill levels.  We believe that skateboarding is a lasting form of transportation, fitness and ultimately an inspiring form of competition.

Long Distance Skateboarding, or Long Distance Push/Pump (LDP) is the main discipline of the IDSA. Worldwide races take place and rank participants on an annual basis, with trophies and per-race prizes.

Typical race formats are:

Marathon (26.2 Miles)
Ultraskate (24 Hours)

Urban Downhill (also known as garage racing), a newer addition to the IDSA league, hosts racers from all over the globe in a fun and thrilling sanctioned downhill format.

Urban Downhill race points are included in annual cumulative totals and will affect your overall ranking.

SBSX racing incorporates pumptracks that may include sharp turns, high speeds, or jumps.

SBSX races vary in nature. More information can be found at

Stand Up Paddle incorporates the use of a paddle to propel a racer forward, making use of different muscle regions and creating a different race.

Stand Up Paddle racing is divided into two subsections:

Pump Only

Pump/Kick participants may use their legs as a means of travel in addition to an external paddle.

SkateIDSA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. It earns it’s funding through annual member dues, which are manually renewed. SkateIDSA does not have any corporate sponsorship affiliations. The primary expenses of the organization fall into web costs, member promotional items, marketing endeavors and insurance for sanctioned races.

The organization is entirely volunteer run – no member of the executive, international or committee boards earn while committing to a 5 hour per month obligation as a leader in this industry. Races are hosted by individuals and sanctioned by the organization for insurance, tour points and marketing initiatives.

Certified 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit

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