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In the spirit of promoting inclusiveness, mental health, creativity, and fun in the face of COVID-19, Skate IDSA(International Distance and Supercross Association) is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt event accessible to anyone in the world with a smartphone and a skateboard! The Great Longboard GooseChase, Vol. 1 begins Friday, December 18, 2020 and runs through Monday, January 18.

Using the mobile app GooseChase, participants will connect with each other in virtual teams to tackle challenges that can be completed almost anywhere and while observing social distancing. Prizes will be awarded to top points finishers, and a portion of fundraising proceeds driven by both participants and sponsors will be donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

The organizers strive to show that even in one of the most unprecedented times in history, it’s still possible to grow a community, make new friends, and support each other.

About Skate IDSA founded in 2011 as the official governing body for long distance skateboard racing, it has evolved into a platform that supports organized events that help promote and provide a platform to longboarding. The mission of SkateIDSA as a 501 C(3) non profit organization, is to showcase Longboarding as a viable source of alternative transportation through competitive and educational events on paved roads, tracks, parking garages, and pumptracks/skateparks. SkateIDSA also provides a larger voice to independent longboarders trying to showcase legitimacy to their municipal leaders worldwide. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected] or visit

Some Rules

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Complete posted challenges to get as many points as you can.
  • Fabulous prizes for top finishers and raffle entry for hitting a TBD point total.
  • You can compete on your own or in a team of up to 4 people, prizes for each category.
  • Bonus points will be awarded at organizers discretion for style and grace. (Hint: getting others to like your submissions will go a long way.)

Mental Health Resources webpage

Want to Play?

After you create your account, search “IDSA” to find our game!

“Do a handstand on your board”
A handstand, are you kidding? Let’s do a fingertipstand 😂 #longboardgoosechase

23 7

The @skatebloodorange challenge “circus act” is just to juggle some wheels but @johannes_albertson just had to show off and earn some bonus points. Well done! #longboardgoosechase ...

66 2

When so much seems out of focus, there’s one thing we must keep in focus. #peoplematter #pushingforimpact #ldpcast #theidsa #longboardgoosechase #mentalhealthawareness #eachmindmatters ...

42 2

Who else spotted our Bristol Ducks submission for hamboards build the longest skateboard? 🦆

Naturally longboardvosps went 110% on this challenge with a Bristol flair 🌞

theidsa #aardman #longboardgoosechase #longboardgirl #longboarding #skatelikeagirl #ridelikeagirl #longboardgirlscrew #longboardgirls #lgcuk #longboardgirls_official #bristolsport #thisgirlcan #girlsport #girlswhocanskate #girlsshred

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Whoa, #longboardgoosechase prize update! Professional Longboarder and our friend @desgnarlais is offering up a coveted spot in his @purelongboarding skills course happening in spring or summer 2021. The waitlist for this class is more than 600 people deep which makes this one heck of a prize! Will you be the one to win this and take your skills to the next level? ...

52 2

Pumped on thelongboard goose chase this is my go to board the loaded tesseract. Big fan of the skiffs but in this one I’ve got the onsens #orangatangonsens #orangatangskiffs #parissavants #longboardgoosechase #loadedboards #loadedtesseract #paristrucksco #paristrucks #orangatangwheels ...

11 0

Mission: Build a DIY land paddle and try your hand at SUP Skating.
So I took an adjustable broomstick and attached a water shoe, which is flexible and has a rubber sole, with some duct tape to it #longboardgoosechase

59 4

We're immensly proud of both teams competing in theidsa & ldpcast #longboardgoosechase If you haven't heard - we have 2 teams Bristol Hens and the Bristol Ducks 🎉

8 women longboarders taking part, trying new challenges and making friendships. It's kept us entertained and skating this winter.

Here's the Bristol Ducks signage for longboardgirlscrew frontside activism 'There is no planet B' 🌍 team riders: longboardvosps sarah.mills92 emma.w1nby georgeluck

Taking this in to 2021 and every year after #longboarding #ukskate #competition #longboardgirlscrewuk #longboardgirlscrew #thisgirlcan #girlswhocanskate #skatelikeagirl #longboarddancing

46 2

It’s ALIVE! We present you this “Frankenboard” as stitched together by @niekohletzanakis for this @gbomb_longboards challenge. Can you imagine riding this monster? #longboardgoosechase ...

66 3

“Share a picture of your longboard next to the flag of your country”. I have no flag at home and there was none near me, but I’ve got YouTube. Hymn played by Judas Priest 😄 #longboardgoosechase #skateidsa ...

49 6

I usually end up doing my ghost rides in these combos at a pretty slow speed so I wanted to start with one this time, as well as work my pivots a little extra. I was getting a full 180 fairly consistently today!

The original combo I was trying to do was ghost ride - nollie pivot - 180 step - nollie pivot but I don’t know if it was my body placement, speed, or what but I could not turn my body back around with a 180 step today. After much frustration I switched it to a body varial for my temporary sanity — I’ll definitely go back to trying a 180 step there though.

Also speed tested my carver for the #longboardgoosechase and got up to 21 mph???????? Like the average was consistently around 7 so I assume 21 mph was a lucky combo of momentum and the little decline I was on but STILL I feel very proud of my lil board not designed for speed lol.

Lastly, this fall — I don’t know what happened either. My body decided it didn’t want to step off the board for the ghost ride but then......also refused to do anything else??? Luckily it was right on the meat of my butt and NOT my hip or tailbone bc I would have probably combusted had I landed on my hip.

36 6

So this is for sure the best butt boarding we have ever seen. This submission is fir the @loadedboards “dig your grave” challenge. Dang! Please tag this rider and thanks for playing our game. @stine.sweet.16 @niekohletzanakis #longboardgoosechase ...

74 4

Play, skate, win epic prizes!

From Dec. 18th to Jan. 18th, the #LongboardGooseChase will be popping off with 25 new challenges dropping every Friday!

The first wave of challenges has just been released, so go hit the link in our bio or check out today’s Story to sign up and get playing!

Big thanks to ldpcast theidsa goosechase and all the other sponsors for making this happen!

#LoadedBoards #Longboarding #Longboards

870 15

Team MIA (@robertokassin ) has been working so hard at these challenges and battled for 1st place all weekend only to be dethroned at the last minute by a team who drove up a mountain for snow and literally broke a Guinness world record. Thanks for completing our “global family” challenge and brining such a diverse group to the game. Y’all are the reason we did this @theidsa #longboardgoosechase ...

55 4

🎵: “Contact” bronson
🎥: adventuredevon_ mervymerv_
🛹: Tarab loadedboards

#longboarddancing #longboardfreestyle #longboardinggirls #loadedboards #longboardgoosechase #longboardtricks

35 0

Me trying to juggle three longboard wheels as a mission for the Longboard Goose Chase Challenge 😂 ...

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