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In the spirit of promoting inclusiveness, mental health, creativity, and fun in the face of COVID-19, Skate IDSA(International Distance and Supercross Association) is hosting a virtual scavenger hunt event accessible to anyone in the world with a smartphone and a skateboard! The Great Longboard GooseChase, Vol. 1 begins Friday, December 18, 2020 and runs through Monday, January 18.

Using the mobile app GooseChase, participants will connect with each other in virtual teams to tackle challenges that can be completed almost anywhere and while observing social distancing. Prizes will be awarded to top points finishers, and a portion of fundraising proceeds driven by both participants and sponsors will be donated to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

The organizers strive to show that even in one of the most unprecedented times in history, it’s still possible to grow a community, make new friends, and support each other.

About Skate IDSA founded in 2011 as the official governing body for long distance skateboard racing, it has evolved into a platform that supports organized events that help promote and provide a platform to longboarding. The mission of SkateIDSA as a 501 C(3) non profit organization, is to showcase Longboarding as a viable source of alternative transportation through competitive and educational events on paved roads, tracks, parking garages, and pumptracks/skateparks. SkateIDSA also provides a larger voice to independent longboarders trying to showcase legitimacy to their municipal leaders worldwide. For media inquiries, please contact [email protected] or visit

Some Rules

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Complete posted challenges to get as many points as you can.
  • Fabulous prizes for top finishers and raffle entry for hitting a TBD point total.
  • You can compete on your own or in a team of up to 4 people, prizes for each category.
  • Bonus points will be awarded at organizers discretion for style and grace. (Hint: getting others to like your submissions will go a long way.)

Mental Health Resources webpage

Want to Play?

After you create your account, search “IDSA” to find our game!

Needed to do some maintenance on the winter setup and decided to tick off the Mazzone challenge for the Longboard Goose chase. Long distance setups contain way too many parts.
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Weird world we live in these days. I think it’s funny, I’ve been social distancing myself from people before it was popular lmao! Anyway, this photo was taken in key west a few days after I skated over 100 miles at ultra skate 2020, which had the worst weather of them all. But still, a great experience to say the least... 🌴 🥥 My first ultra skate was in 2013. So I guess this means in 2021 it would have been my 9th ultra skate. That is, if I didn’t shatter my knee on October 9th 2016, which made me miss 2017 ultra skate... you know what they say, everything happens for a reason. Pain is what was needed to push me to the next level and for that I am thankful 🙏🏼
I would also like to let you know that my helmet has saved my life twice. I was in a hit in run about 5 years ago, a car ran into me while I was skating the bike lane. I still had concussion symptoms for 3 days even tho I had my helmet on.
“Just wear a damn helmet” - rocketlongboards #HelmetsSaveLives This is my submission for the #longboardgoosechase #rocketlongboards #skateidsa Challenge ldpcast theidsa

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It is not easy to motivate yourself, when it’s dark and rainy outside. Sometimes it’s easier if there is a challenge... and for that :
Goosechase game is still on (but only till 18/01 ) !

longboardvosps in one of the challenges brightening the day!

Check longboardgirlscrew highlights for more information how to join!

ldpcast theidsa

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Another mission for the “Great Longboard Goose Chase” challenge: Pets on boards, no more, no less. Unfortunately I don’t have a pet, but I have a plush bunny that can skate #longboardgoosechase ...

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Wheelbase of Loaded icarus with gullwing sidewinder is longer than sama

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What’s the point challenge
#skateeveryday #skateboarding #longboarding #sun #outside #mentalhealth

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🦄 day 69 🦄

Another submission for the #longboardgoosechase 😂 last day to get submissions in!!

Song: new shoes by paolo nutini

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Outrunning ☔️ storms ⛈ and stuff!

#chadillacadventures #longboardgoosechase #longboard #longboarding #storm #causeway #florida #goodjuju

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Don’t miss the challenges!

The great longboarding goosechase has launched! We are happy to support this event as a sponsor.

We can already tell you that these challenges will be a lot of fun. So go for it and make it happen! You only need a board and a smartphone to participate.

For more information check out theidsa


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103rd In the #longboardgoosechase
More points to submit

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Play, skate, win epic prizes!

From Dec. 18th to Jan. 18th, the #LongboardGooseChase will be popping off with 25 new challenges dropping every Friday!

The first wave of challenges has just been released, so go hit the link in our bio or check out today’s Story to sign up and get playing!

Big thanks to ldpcast theidsa goosechase and all the other sponsors for making this happen!

#LoadedBoards #Longboarding #Longboards

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(Español en los comentarios) We are stoked to be joining “The Great Longboard Goosechase” as a sponsor! 🙌🏽 Our friends at theidsa have come together with several brands and organizations in the skate industry to create a first of its kind virtual scavenger hunt. With challenges from virtually every discipline of soft wheel skateboarding we believe that this event will be one to remember ✨ All you need to participate is a skateboard and an android/apple smart phone, completely free of cost 🤗

And why are we doing this? According to theidsa “This challenge aims to bring us all together while starting a tough conversation about mental health and addiction in our community. We want to show that even in one of the most unprecedented times in our history it’s still possible to grow a community, make new friends, and support each other. We want it to be known that no matter who you are that if you ride the paved wave you’re invited to our party.” ❤️

Will you accept the challenge? #linkinstories to download the app!

Sponsors: LDPCast, SkateIDSA ,Loaded Longboards, Rocket, Orangatang wheels, G|bomb, Pantheon, Rip Tide, Bossa, Caliber, Prism, Paris, Arbor, 187, Triple 8, Melonenkacke, Comet, Boosted USA, Donkboards, Mooonshine, Stoked Mentoring, ROOL, Longboard Girls Crew, Longboard Envy, sk8bird Miami, The skating chick, Push For Impact, Push for Awareness + MORE

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