It’s coming! The greatest event of 2021 will bring back 24-hours of distance skateboarding at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Get more details about the event and see past records at the 24-Hour Ultraskate Website.

January 29-30, 2021

Registration is Closed for 2021!


Committed to providing the safest experience for our event.

Thank you Insanity Boardshop

A big thank you to Ehren Mohammadi, owner of Insanity Boardshop for sponsoring the masks for this year’s unique situation. Ehren has always supported the sport of Distance Skateboarding as a racer and shop owner. Once again he has stepped up to provide all racers and attendees to the event with a custom 2021 Ultraskate mask.

Our Commitment

We will all have to be disciplined for this year’s event to happen successfully. Any event happening during a pandemic will be scrutinized. We must demonstrate that our group can race with care and safety for all participants. Distance skaters already invest a lot of planning to successfully compete in a 24-hour race, so I know we can commit to the rules without any issues. We understand if some of you are nervous about travelling and/or competing. I ask you to sit this one out if you’re not 100% comfortable. If you’ve already signed up and wish to cancel, we’ll gladly defer your registration to 2022 UltraSkate or any other year you prefer.

Comprehensive Rules and Guidelines

This year’s event is for PARTICIPANTS and SUPPORTING CREW ONLY. No visitors will be allowed.

  1. Registration. Registration will only be possible online. NO DAY OF registrations. We will leave the website registration open until Wednesday, January 27 at midnight.
  2. Entrance. Everyone who enters the Homestead-Miami Speedway will be issued a mask to wear at Guard Gate 18 as you enter the Speedway. You may use your own face covering if you like. Face covering must be worn at all times while in the common areas of the Speedway, i.e. Pit Row, mechanic bays, bathrooms and water station. If you’re moving around the premises you must have a mask on.
  3. Temperature checks. Temperatures will also be taken at the entrance of Guard Gate 18. If you are experiencing symptoms such as body aches, fever, cough, congestion, etc. please stay home. CDC LIST OF SYMPTOMS. We know many of you traveled far to get here, but for the health and safety of others please do not attend.
  4. No Mask Zone. Masks will not be required to be worn if you are a competitor and you are doing laps on the track. The proximity of the competitors on the course is left up to the riders’ discretion. Please give proper space if a rider requests it. As soon as you leave the race course to break you must put on your face covering. You may also remove your face covering if you are in your personal car or tent.
  5. Food. This year, food will consist of boxed meals compliments of RipTide Sports. Food may only be consumed in your “No Mask Zone” which is the confines of your car/tent. The coolers with water and ice will have a “sanitizing corridor” where you will sanitize your hands and put on gloves prior to touching the coolers or getting ice from the ice chest. Once again, Tailwind Nutrition will be sponsoring and one cooler will be full with their product at all times.
  6. Social Distancing. We will be observing the 6 foot rule whenever there is a line or when socializing with people outside of your travel group. Each rider support crew must stay within their own Pit Road set-up area.
  7. Hygiene. We will provide hand sanitizer in the common areas. Please SANITIZE YOUR HANDS often— especially before and after visits to the common areas. For safety reasons, we will not provide a computer near the finish line to look-up live race results. We’re providing a link for each rider to utilize on their own device: JMS Racing. (The display screen will still be present at the finish line.)

JMS Racing

This is a private event. Any competitor or support crew member not complying with the rules set forth will be removed from the Speedway.

Race Info