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INTRODUCING SUPSKATE® Super Sprints — The World’s Newest Competitive Paddle Sports Event

A New World-Wide Paddle Sport – May 8, 2021 | VIRTUAL ONLY

HAMBOARDS® and SUPSKATE®, makers of the world’s finest land paddles and accessories, invites you to the inaugural SUPSKATE Super Sprints event; fully sanctioned by the Skate International Distance and Supercross Association, in cooperation with the Maryland Coast Bike Festival.

What is SUPSKATE? We’re glad you asked.

Born from HAMBOARDS®, (the world’s finest rail-to-rail longboard surfskates), SUPSKATE® is the premier brand in the new sport of land paddling. Inspired by stand-up paddleboarding, “land paddling”, also known as “street standup paddling”, is a combination of skateboarding and paddling. Riders use a land paddle (or stick) to spring themselves along on a skateboard without using their feet. The land paddle can also be used to steer and slow down.

Land paddling makes skateboarding easier. Kind of like ski-poles, the paddle helps you stay on.  It’s a beginner-friendly board sport, plus it’s a load of fun!  Whether you’re scared to try skating or an accomplished board sports enthusiast/competitor, land paddling is fun and helps you feel free.  You CAN do it.  Let’s get you some flow!

Land paddling is an amazing low-impact upper body and core workout, and because you’re skating, it helps you with your balance.  Not only is it accessible to anyone with a nice patch of pavement, but it’s also just plain fun.

So, join us for the first-ever virtual  SUPSKATE Super Sprints! Athletes will land paddle for miles and miles without stopping. People traveling from as far away as Europe will converge at the Ocean City Marina to compete in three headline performance sprint events. Several current world record distance holders – the fastest in the world – will compete in 3K, 5K, 10K sprints and some will take-on much longer endurance sprints.

Inspired to try it yourself? No sweat, we’ll provide free lessons, demo paddles and we’ll have demo boards available as well. We’ve taught hundreds of people how to get started and you can certainly do it.  If you like, bring your own longboard and see the difference one of our paddles makes.

If you can’t make it to the sunny Maryland beach town, you can still cheer on the athletes and play along from anywhere in the world. Competitors can download the STRAVA app to track and post their speeds on the SUPSKATE SUPER SPRINTS event page. We anticipate competitors from California, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania in the United State, as well as Europe, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, China, and Thailand. We’ll present and share their results live as though these competitors are right there with us in Ocean City.

Pack your helmet for the 2021 SUPSKATE Super Sprints sponsored by SUPSKATE, maker of the world’s finest land paddles and accessories.

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