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A serious sufferfest – The No Name Race – is a high altitude push race from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain and back along an insanely smooth and fun path. Totaling 32 miles, with 1,500′ of elevation gain, all above 9,000′ this is a true mountain push race. Plan on lots of pushing, some super sweet downhills (no slides necessary, footbraking a must), turns, rolls, and one hell of a workout.

The race starts in Breckenridge at the Skate Park. From here riders push and pump their way down along a smooth bike path towards Lake Dillon, at which point they skirt the shore, round a corner, and hit their first big hill. This climb pushes riders as it is their first chance to feel the thin air burning their lungs. Make the climb, push along the bike path over rollers, twists, and some turns until a super fun and fast section skirts along aspen trees and the outskirts of the town of Frisco. Eventually you will push your way around the edge of the Ten Mile mountain range before hitting Ten Mile Canyon. Here is the last spot before beginning a 7 mile climb that is mellow at times, while other times demanding full pushing efforts. Finally you crest the last bit of the climb, the canyon opens up, and you enter some willows and spectacular views of Copper Mountain and other 11,000′ and 12,000′ peaks. Make the final effort to the turn around, then begin the super fun and fast descent.

The descent can reach speeds of 35mph+, but can also be easily navigated at fun and safe speeds of 20mph with footbraking. Follow the exact same route back down Ten Mile Canyon towards Frisco, along the aspen forests, through the twists and turns, under the highway on the final descent back to the Lake Dillon shoreline. Now there is just the final 6 miles of slightly uphill pushing back to the start/finish.

Currently no one has broken 2 hours on this course. Top finishers finished in 2:08 last year, so everyone is gunning to break 2 hours. Other races enjoyed the course and scenery more and finished in a fun and mellow 3+ hours.

There will be one aid station on course located prior to the big 7 mile climb, at roughly the 13 and 20 mile mark.

RULES: All IDSA Rules will be followed and enforced. Helmets are mandatory. Skateboards are mandatory.

PRIZES: Prizes will be given out for top finishers in the male and female categories.

SPECTATORS: Spectators are welcome along any part of the course. Outside aid assistance is allowed.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.facebook.com/events/396876334446411/