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15km Push in Beidaihe, China 北戴河15公里滑板公路赛


The Beidaihe 15km skateboarding push race is the first long-distance skateboarding event in China which is authorized by SkateIDSA.

The event is hosted at the beautiful Beidaihe Seaside Avenue. It is supported by the China Roller Skating Association, Beidaihe city government, and SEBA Skate the leading inline skating and skateboarding company.



The event will abide the SkateIDSA rules, using a timing system that meets international standards. Racers who completed the race will have an official-recognized finishing time. The racer can have points if he/she choose to become a member of SkateIDSA and pay member fee.



The racers must finishes the race within an hour to get a finishing time. In other words, racers have to maintain an average speed of fifteen kilometers per hour for one hour.


Equipment required 需要什么装备?

Helmet is mandatory 必须佩戴头盔!