For our fifth episode, which feels like a mile stone, we are joined by the Tucker family, Harrison and Robert. We hear nutrition tips and get some background on this family skate team.

Also introducing IDSA correspondent Calleigh Little to share some background on the latest US adventure race, Sleep Away Camp.

Gear list for backpack camping:
Mind your weight here and less is often more.

Comfortable backpack – This will make or break you, look into quality backpacking bags that offer support of adjustment, a hip strap is highly recommended.

Water – 3L+ – Do your home work and know your route, water will be the heaviest thing in your bag and if you can plan to stop in towns to purchase some along the way you are better off.

Shelter – This is based on your comfort level and experience, options include tents, hammocks, tarp shelter, or dirtbag sleep on the ground

Sleeping pad – you want this, trust me.

Sleeping bag – needs to be able to fit in or on your bag

Headlamp – make sure your batteries are fresh before you roll

Skate gear – tool, extra king pin, etc.

Extra socks and underwear

Options cloths per weather – Rain coat, thermal layers, etc.



First aid kit – Bandaids, Neosporin, etc.

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