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Over almost as soon as it began: 2019’s Miami Ultraskate is in the books and the muscles of our 75+ contenders should be healing (or healed) by now. 24 hours of nonstop action brought us 1 new entrant into the 300 mile club, 5 250+ mile skaters, and a wide variety of first-timers, return competitors, and goal-seekers who chased their dreams on the track.
This year’s efforts by race hosts Andrew Andras and Joner Strauss were matched with more-than-typical conditions: through blaring heat and a northeastern headwind, only some managed to fight through it – but the real battle went on after the sun disappeared. All night, SkateIDSA’s upcoming honorable mentions laid it out until their final victory laps. No matter what distance went up on the results page, every person who put in an effort to skate came out as a winner.
Introducing your newest 300 mile club entrant: JOE MAZZONE!

Ultraskate photos used with courtesy of Justin Bright.

Men’s Overall:
Joe Mazzone (USA) – 302.22
Angel Miguel Aldrete (USA) – 274.48
Mathieu Bon (FRANCE) – 262.8

Ages 50+:
Ian Whyte (USA) – 223.36
Phillip Scearce (USA) – 205.86
Raymond Tan (SGP) – 200.02

Ages 30-39:
Mathieu Bon (FRA) – 262.8
Adrian Oh (SGP) – 252.58
Daniel DiMassa (USA) – 169.36

Ages 14-18:
Jessica Valdes (USA) – 110.96
Dekai Navarro (USA) – 30.66

Stand Up Paddle:
Chip Walter (USA) – 118.26
Jorge Rodriguez (USA) – 110.96
Steve Gatlin (USA) – 100.74

Women’s Overall:
Calleigh Little (USA) – 251.12
Alyssa Monteiro (USA) – 202.94
Anne Palmer (USA) – 170.82

Ages 40-49:
Jorge Navarro (USA) – 227.76
Ralf Mers (DEU) – 226.3
Randall McClelland (USA) – 200.2

Ages 19-29:
Joe Mazzone (USA) – 302.22
Angel Miguel Aldrete (USA) – 274.48
Calleigh Little (USA) – 251.12

Ages 01-13:
Adrian F. Rodriguez (USA) – 59.86
Kaiam Whyte (USA) – 49.64
Sierra Porter (USA) – 27.74

Timothy Payne (USA) – 115.34
Ronald Lewis (USA) – 100.74
Freddie Valdes (USA) – 54.02

Team USA – 290.54
Team Germany – 163.52
Team Andras Kids – 64.24

Don’t see your name on the list? Check the full results HERE.

Major shoutout to Calleigh Little, this year’s G|Bomb Clydesdale Champion!

Weighing in at 209lbs for check in and 207lbs at finish, Calleigh crushed the 200+ competition with a 251.12 mile 24-hour finish.

Calleigh Little

With an emotional ending for Joe Mazzone as his last lap took him to the elite club of distance skateboarding on his birthday, SkateIDSA joined forces in Miami Beach with the Shralper’s Union to bring about the South Beach Bomb right before our first USA SkateIDSA pumptrack race, “The Vice City Shakedown.”

The Vice City Shakedown came down to two finalists, SkateIDSA Board Member Kaspar Heinrici and new SkateIDSA member Adam Bouhadana.Adam clinched the win in a head to head showdow!

SkateIDSA is looking forward to a new year filled with international competition in the pumptrack scene, and a new growth of pumptrack racing. Don’t miss the recap video!

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We look forward to a whole new year of competition and skateboarding! Thank you for your support.