We wanted to introduce our 2017 IDSA Tour Champion for the age division of 14-18. I have a feeling he has made enough noise in the last year of competition that it is not an introduction anymore. Sol has definitely proved his athletic skill set this year and I think we will be seeing him at the front of races a lot more in the future. I called Sol the other day to catch up with the young champ and see what he was up to. Maybe get him to divulge some secrets and find out what’s making this kid so fast.

Sol admits that he got interested in LDP when his father, Ted Bilderback, who is well known in the distance skateboarding community, came home after a local push race event with some new swag. Sol thought it was cool that his dad won a board from racing longboards, and with that thought he wanted to try it out too. Sol quickly realized there was a lot more to gain from the LDP scene than winning some wheels or longboard parts. He really enjoyed the physical challenge of push racing and realized how much strategy was involved during the events. Sol was hooked on LDP racing and wanted get faster, and that was exactly what happened.

Personally, I remember seeing Sol at a few events in the  2015 PNW race series.  This was early on in his discovery of LDP and he stood out as a smiling kid that was having fun. You could tell he was soaking in the experience and enjoying the scene. Next thing we knew, in the 2016 race year Sol was a top contender in the Grom division and finished just behind another young phenom rider Harrison Tucker. Now in 2017 Sol went from a pretty fast kid to a top 10 rider in the overall standings!

The once cute and smiling kid became a threat to everyone that toed the line during this year’s race season. Sol was found in the front pack of every event he competed in and with legitimate shots of winning races. Sol made the podium in FOUR different events this season, taking home trophies in the overall standings with the older crowds.

Sol is also running competitively in school. The winter season in Washington is tough to skate in so Sol is getting some great cross training in by running Track and Cross Country. He feels that running along with some weight training has helped with his fitness year round and is looking to get some fast times up for the 2018 race season. I know we will all be following him for sure — well deserved attention after becoming such a solid rider and racer.

Overall, I enjoyed Sol’s attitude and outlook when we spoke. I was quickly reminded that he’s still a teenage kid when I set up the phone call and he told me after he finishes his house chores and homework that we can chat.  It’s amazing that such a solid kid still has room to grow physically, mentally and spiritually in the years to come but from what we have see so far we have to applaud Ted and Mary Bilderback for raising a great kid because it definitely shows.

See you out on the race course Champ!